Earthways Shamanic Path

Thank you for your interest in membership in the Earthways Shamanic Path. At present, the Earthways Shamanic Path is seeking a non-profit status, but we are not there yet. This 2016-17 membership is like a Kickstarter campaign, without all the emails from them afterwards. I’m offering you an opportunity to show support in the EwSP project. Think of it as a fan club.

Benefits of the 2016 - 17 membership contribution (runs until  June 30, 2017) :

  1. A wallet-sized EwSP 2016-17 Membership card.
  2. Member rates at all upcoming Earthways events, including the EwSP 2017 Gathering. (A  savings of 25% over general public pricing.)
  3. Advance  notification of all EwSP events.
  4. "Members only" invitations to the  Shamanic Nature Treks ™ . The Shamanic Nature Treks  are special events held once a month, where we physically travel to a park or natural setting in  Southwest Florida, then take Shamanic Journeys while we are there. This is a closed group, for  members of the EwSP, only.  (You will still be responsible for your parking costs,  and park  admission.)  The Treks  are  conducted monthly,  on the fourth Saturdays (except for November and December)  outdoors in Southwest Florida. Treks are generally conducted in the mornings, from about 9:30 to noon, but I hope to  conduct at least one overnight Trek. During the Shamanic Nature Treks we will experience a more advanced walking Shamanic meditation process. The Treks are only open to card-carrying members of the Earthways Shamanic Path.   

Costs $60.00, and is payable in easy installments

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Annual Membership - $60.00
Annual Membership | 60 USD
Annual Membership - $30.00
Annual Membership | 30 USD
Annual Membership - $20.00
Annual Membership | 20 USD
Annual Membership - $10.00
Annual Membership | 10 USD