Earthways Shamanic Path

Conference Session, Saturday July 14, 2018:  Encountering the Land’s Spirit 

The ancient Romans called them “numina” and the Norse called them Jotuns; the Aborigine people of Australia call them the ancestors of the Dreamtime. Today, Spirits of the Land large and small still reside in rivers and hills, mountains, fields, marshlands and aquifers. They are the foundation for Life and Spirit, but they often go unnoticed. Modern pagans often reach for the gods they’re familiar with and pass by the Land Itself, with its subtle rhythms and energies. However, these are founts of great power and mystery—sources of magick and healing that are always available to a humble seeker. Breathe the air that is their breath, walk upon the soil that is their skin, drink the water that is their blood and tears… kindle the fire in your spirit!

Join Dayan Martinez and Whale Maiden to discover the Land’s Spirit in Atlanta, Georgia and those homeland beings whose molecules reside in your body, blood, and breath. 

**Interested participants should bring a natural object from their homes to investigate as proxy for their local spirits, back home… Or they can bring their own bodies for the experience, already carrying a multitude of presences within.**

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